One of the key initiatives of the Multidisciplinary Panel on Neuropathic Pain (MPNP) is the development of recommendations on the management of neuropathic pain. The aim is to provide Hong Kong physicians with guidance on the signs and symptoms of neuropathic pain and a summary of appropriate treatment options. Each recommendation includes a treatment algorithm for easy reference.

Recommendations have been developed for a number of common neuropathic pain syndromes, including postherpetic neuralgia, trigeminal neuralgia, central post-stroke pain and neuropathic pain due to peripheral nerve entrapment. Most recently, the latest recommendation on painful diabetic peripheral neuropathy was published in the Hong Kong Practitioner.

Furthermore the MPNP has developed the Handbook of Neuropathic Pain Treatment Guidelines, which includes summaries of all MPNP recommendations by neuropathic pain condition.


Welcome to the Web site of the Multidisciplinary Panel on Neuropathic Pain (MPNP)

The panel comprises local thought leaders dedicated to improving the awareness and understanding of neuropathic pain in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong-based panel held its inaugural meeting in December 2001 and includes specialists from a range of disciplines involved in treating neuropathic pain: neurology, neurosurgery, geriatric medicine, anaesthesiology and orthopaedics.

Since its inception the MPNP has initiated a wide range of projects, including recommendations on various neuropathic pain conditions, an on-going newsletter series, patient education materials, and several courses and workshops on neuropathic pain management. This Web site provides a central source for the panel’s projects and publications.